Friday, October 10, 2014

I have recently acquired some Copic markers.  Here is John after this life and the beginning of his next (Spark).  The writing is basically outlined for Spark's life as well as how John is killed in his first one.  Spark's life is a transition of John into a being that doesn't know who or what he is.  I like having the clean slates to work with and it is fun trying to have the environment effect the character.  I do enjoy messing with his life though.  It is something in which most don't realize but I wonder if he is having enough action in his life if he doesn't land in a medical incident at least once every 10 pages or so LOL.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Something to look forwards to....

Okay after a hiadis and a failed attempt to make a comic, since my mentality crashed after doing a custom comic that was only 24 panels, I have decided that I will stick to writing with the occassional drawing thrown in.  I am now looking for the original book that I wrote this portion of Sinclair in and hope to begin to reconstruct the world from it.  This is still a very rough draft and therefore probably will look totally different if a publisher wanted it.  I must admit that a lot of what I write plays out like a movie in my mind and I can't keep up with the action that happes, forget the minor details like what the character actually looks like, scenes and actually in truth, the continuity of the storyline.  Considering right now I am currently working on the second book of Twin Earth (which the first book has had a major change in the first half of it and probably will have a total rewrite in the second half) that may not even match up with the first book as well as a total of two different times in John's life has made my skin itch. 

However I have some goodies to throw up as soon as I figure out how on the new blogger system and get my scanner to play friendly.  I have two new drawings of John and Jashi that is almost guarnteed to impress, as well as some awesome commissions of John done by some very talented artists!

For now I bid you all adieu and hope to get back to this in due time.  Thanks for your patience.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Prologue of Twin Earth!

Every beginning has an end and every end has a beginning. The cycle of creation demands this to occur, but some beginnings start out small. Like waves in a pond each created by a source and spreading outwards until it affects the whole body of water, no matter how large. A small ripple was created in a small village with many small farms splattered across the landscape. Summers were often short and hot and the winters long and hard. The people of the village were happy to have such weather, for it made them appreciate every moment that they have in a certain season. This also made them undesirable to be concurred and the relative wealth of the country grew due to this silence on the war front. For the most part the people were farmers with no interest in arms past a simple knife or a bow and arrow to hunt the game that ran freely in through the woods that spread before them. It was a simple time and the people worked hard, however even when they worked hard the weather would sometimes dictated who lived or died.

It was during an extremely harsh winter that a young woman named Elsa was in her home stoking a small fire. Her husband, Halam, had gone out to the woods to hunt. Meanwhile Elsa kept herself busy within the house, occasionally stopping to stir the stew that was in a black pot that hung over the fire. Her stomach was distended with pregnancy and it made it difficult to do even the simplest of tasks but she was happy. Her life had been good so far with a loving and doting husband, a fine home and a child on the way, there was nothing more she could ask for.

A knock came from the door and she rushed towards it, thinking her husband came home at long last. When she opened it there was a stranger waiting on the other side. “I beg of you let me warm up. Afterwards I will be on my way.” The woman spoke, her voice cracking.

In hindsight Elsa should have realized that her husband wouldn’t knock at the door of his own home. Else stared at the woman, thinking, trying to find an excuse for not letting her inside but in the end she opened the door wider to let the woman inside. She was not one for letting strangers into her home but found it hard to turn down the old woman. She seemed familiar to her in some way. The old woman made her way inside and Elsa closed the door. “I don’t have much but I do have hot water.”

The old woman flipped back the hood of her travelling cloak and revealed a woman who was in her late forties with brilliant red hair that was streaked in both blonde and white. Her features were lined but by no means a haggard old maid that her voice dictated her to be. She didn’t say another word but stared at Elsa with a small smile on her face. Elsa thought it rude to let the guest go without a drink so she got a pair of small clay cups and poured some water from the kettle into it. The woman took it gratefully and sipped, holding it with both hands. Elsa had no idea how this was going to be so comfortable, just the two of them sitting in the same room. She had never felt this comfortable with another person, save her husband, before this. Usually having a long silence between two people is very awkward but with this woman there was no need to talk.

She was pondering this when a sudden pain ripped through her stomach, causing her to drop her cup. It shattered on the floor in large pieces. As quickly as the pain came it disappeared. She pondered this, not letting on what just happened but the woman was staring at her with a strange look on her face. This was the first time that she noticed that her eyes were the same as her husband’s. She was in the process of thinking this over when another pain hit, this time she was dropped towards the floor. The woman was by her side, catching her arm before she hit the floor. “It’s time for them isn’t it?” The woman asked in an accent that was familiar but at the same time not so much so.

Suddenly fearful as another wave of pain ripped through her subconscious mind, she wasn’t sure if it was the fear talking or something else completely but she had to ask. “Who are you?”

The woman stared back her with blue eyes with strange melding of green within. Eyes that seemed deep and endless, eyes that have seen more than what Elsa could imagine. “I am someone who is safe.” The woman responded and began to repeat those words. As Elsa listened to her words and stared into her eyes her body only gave a surge of resistance before her mind surrendered and her mind was lost. Neither pain nor words reached her now, her body only reacted in instinct now.

The woman looked down on Elsa and sighed. She guessed that she pushed her mind too far but prayed that it wasn’t too far for her to recover from. There was so much to do with so much guesswork involved. It didn’t matter at this moment. They were coming into the world and she had to make her choice. It shouldn’t be time yet but it was just chance that she was around the right area at the right time. She tilted her head. This woman was too much like her own mother, but that memory was hard to pull out of her mind. Too much time has passed, too much time. She sighed. It would end now. She would be stronger than the one that came before her, and the one before that. She could only guess how many were, where it all started, but she knew that it had to end. She withdrew a silver dagger from under her cloak, and stood before Elsa, a woman so much like her own mother it hurt.

As the pain of childbirth raked through Elsa the woman chewed on her lower lip. She tightened the grip, saying a few words that no one but herself understood and drove the dagger down.

She was just as weak as the rest of them. She couldn’t do it. She buried her head into her hands and screamed. She screamed in frustration and of the knowledge of what was to come.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Important Notice

Hello followers of the Twin Earth,

Some good news and some bad news...
First the good news
Please click here to see what the good news is.

Meanwhile this brings me to the bad news. As of today the sequenced chapters of Sinclair will be discontinued unless there is interest, then I shall put up more postings as well as other stories of Twin Earth.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

An Annoucement

Sinclair of Twin Earth is coming to Smack Jeeves at the end of the month, computer issues permitting. I have top make sure that there is enough comics made so that I can participate in NaNoWriMo this year without worrying about it.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Notes to keep up with the masses...

I haven't forgotten about this story of Twin Earth. Forgive me for taking my time with the next chapter but Chapter 20 is a LONG chapter and it takes me twice as long as it should to transcribe my handwritten scribble that is sometimes just blather.

Given all the things that are happening please don't expect anything before the end of summer.
Yes Chapter 20 is THAT long.
Thank you for your patience and loyalty to Sinclair and hope that you stick around for the rest of the tale.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Sinclair Chapter 19

John walked down the platform of the Constellation and nodded to Daniel. “We have our orders. Get ready to disembark as soon as possible.”

“Yes sir.” Daniel clapped his chest.

John walked the corridors as unfamiliar faces raced up and down them. His ears flopped down sideways – Daniel did a good job of spending his money. The Constellation will soon have to start working hard to pay off her bills. He was hoping to get back to work gently as his doctor suggested however this was not going to be the case.

He slipped into the captain’s quarters and slid behind the desk. Sighing he undid the heavy commanders coat and growled in frustration at the spots of blood that stained the crisp white of his shirt. He silently redid the bottom buttons to hide the spots and pulled out the envelopes that contained the formal orders. He put it on the top of the desk and stared at it, his eyes unfocused. Alexandrea flashed into the room, “Crew and ship ready for take off sir, destination and orders?”

“Very well,” John responded. He got up very slowly and picked up the envelopes before getting on the elevator. He flipped open one that had Constellation written in fancy script on the front and read the papers held within as the elevator moved it’s way to its destination. The elevator rang telling that it reached its required floor and John folded the letter and shoved it back into the envelope, before stepping out onto the bridge. Daniel looked over from his place at the helm and quickly stood his mouth opening about to say something but John spoke first. “Our destination is Outpost Ten to pick up Admiral Tift, who is currently aboard the Dayflower. We are to bring her here safely.” He paused, walking to the middle of the top level of the bridge, directly behind the helm. “However, according to our sources there were seven Dekedai ships on their way to Outpost Ten.”

Alexandrea shifted, “I’m old. I’m not sure if I can out run the Dekedai. What are they? Scouts, cruisers, dreads?”

“Unknown. If we wait they will be on the Dayflower and her escort. She wants to be our get away and high tail it to Outpost Ten.” John snarled “This is only seven ships. If we don’t have the backing of this admiral we may as well lose the outer quadrant. Get legs Alex!”

“Yes captain!” She straightened and fazed out of sight. Engines hummed to life.

John leaned over the safety railing that came up high on his chest to talk to Daniel. “Daniel please meet with the chief of security and make an invasion plan. Make sure that it is simple. Everyone else is to be armed at all times, especially after we rendezvous with the Dayflower.”

John then went over to a young McGee half breed he had never seen before that was sitting at the communications centre. He pulled out a small envelope out from the one with Constellation written on it and handed it to him. “When we come within distance of the Dayflower we are to send this message.”

The McGee opened the envelope and quickly read the small message contained. “It is a strange message sir, but I shall send it.”

John nodded and left the bridge with the orders he gave, to wrestle the pile of bills that had somehow accumulated in a bin near his desk. He began to sort through them and began the task of administrating everything. When most of it was in neat piles he finally looked up and saw Alexandrea standing opposite of his desk holding a pile of fresh bandages and a fresh shirt slung over her shoulder. “You should change your bandages before our meeting with the Dayflower.” She smiled sweetly.

John smiled back and put down his tablet. He was almost finished and everything else can wait. He quickly piled up the papers and shoved them into his drawer before moving to the couch that also served in the room. Alexandrea helped him out of the coat and shirt and peeled off the bandages. The large wound on his chest oozed as she cleaned the sore. “The wound doesn’t want to heal that quickly.” He said with a sigh.

Alexandrea shot him a stern look, “It’s healing faster than it should. It’s very fortunate for you.” John just shook his head and lifted his arms as Alexandrea wrapped his chest.

Alexandrea was putting away the bandages as John stood and put on his shirt. “There is a lot of prejudices that we will have to overcome with this mission. We have to establish with the public that you aren’t a murder and that we can handle constant runs with success as well as we will accept something with a bit of danger involved.”

“Why this mission?”

John began to tie his tie. “Don’t be stupid. Admiral Tift was one of my sponsors when I purchased you. She is very supportive to us financially and with moral. If something happens to her we may lose ground in the human world as well as a strategician for the war.”

Alexandrea followed John and helped in shouldering on his coat. “But the Admiral is aging isn’t she?”

John smiled secretly. “Age isn’t everything.”

Alexandrea’s eyes faded. “The Dayflower is within range.” She announced.

John grinned knowingly as he entered the elevator, “Alexandrea I want the other entrance to my study sealed. Stage ten lock down.”

Alexandrea fazed beside him in the elevator “If you wish to continue with that request there shall be no entry from the other entrance point. Do you wish to continue?”

“Yes.” Something was nagging at John but he couldn’t put his thumb on it. Was he being too cautious? The showy tassels of the captains’ coat weighed heavily on his small shoulders but what else did he really expect? Squaring his shoulders he stepped out onto the bridge.

“Can I send that message sir?” Called the messenger officer.

John nodded as he stepped onto the clear bubble of space in the front of the stations. Suddenly a human in a similar uniform appeared out of thin air. “We have the seedling but we refuse to hand it over to you.” He said defiantly.

John couldn’t hide his shock, “Reason?”

“We cannot risk something so delicate to someone of obvious inexperience.”

John snarled slightly “Dayflower, are you aware that you are well out paced and out fire-powered?”

The Captain was taken aback for a moment, “What is this that you speak of?” His face a mask of confusion.

“Our intelligence shows that there are seven Dekedai ships on their way here. Our orders are to meet you here and pick up Admiral Tift. You and your escort are to make a run for Outpost Ten and we are to be off on our own merry way.” John pulled out an envelope and shook it before him. “I’m tired of this official crap and time is running out. We’re faster than you and the Dekedai don’t attack the Outposts so your ships are safe there.”

The other captain weighed John’s words then crumble before them. “Dock with sequence 32 on Port side. Dayflowers A.I. is named Destin.” With that he clapped a fist on his chest and fazed off the bridge.

John flattened his ears on his head. “I dislike that man.”

Daniel did the same, “I would have to agree with you sir.”

John walked off the bubble and walked towards the far elevator. “Daniel find your command jacket and meet me in the docking bay. Alexandrea hook up with Destin and get lined up with the Dayflower. I want out of here ASAP if not sooner. You,” he pointed at the communications officer, “I want you to get a hold of the guys at Outpost Ten. See if they can get any confirmations on our information and give us some more accurate distances.” He was feeling better about his power and authority.

“Yes sire I will get on that right away.” The McGee turned back to his station.

John stepped onto the elevator and travelled to the docking bay. Alexandrea appeared next to him dressed the ships blues. “Destin and I should be hooked up momentarily.” She shifted. “I really don’t want to be in this position Captain.”

John glanced her way. “I know, but it pays well.”

“Then it pays well again and again. The Dekedai have stated that they will attack and board any ship they find in space or have you forgotten that Captain?” She had a flare of anger in her face.

“I have forgotten nothing Alex.” He focused on plucking a string from his sleeve.

“Then we shouldn’t be sticking out our necks for money.”

“I wouldn’t let what happened at the North American Sky Tower happen again.” He pulled his shoulders back and straightened up.”

“How do you know about that?” She looked at him with a mix of surprise and wonderment about her.

“It was my suite that you crashed into, as well as many others, of course.” He glanced over to her. “I’m older than I look.”

Behind them the elevator door opened and Daniel strode forwards, his tassels on the shoulders moving with his stride, “How much longer?”

“Last locks inciting.” Alexandrea said officially.

Daniel stepped beside John and smoothed his shoulder tassels. “Dumb things. I guess I made here just in time. Hopefully the Dayflower isn’t into dilly-dallying, the Dekedai give me a bad feeling.

“You and me both.” John pulled down the front of his coat down just as the door opened and a preppy girl in orange appeared and bowed. Behind her was the captain of the Dayflower and Admiral Tift. Alexandrea approached the girl in orange and the two began to speak in computer data language. John cleared his throat, “Welcome to the ESS Constellation. I am…”

“So they are letting children captain ships in the half-breed division.” The other captain interrupted with a sneer.

“At least this child captain understands the danger when he sees it.” Admiral Tift smiled sweetly at the captain as she pushed past him. “I see Captain Sinclair here with his second in command, both armed even in their commander’s jackets.”

John stepped forwards “Nice to see you again Admiral.” He pulled out the orders envelope from his coat and handed to the Captain. “Captain your orders are to take your escort to Outpost Ten. I’ve delivered them so kindly remove yourself from my ship.”

The captain ripped the envelope from John’s hand, then saluted with a fist onto his chest. John returned with a salute of a hand being brought up to his forehead and a half grin. Frustrated, the Captain strode off the Constellation. Destin disappeared as well. “I’m actually surprised to see you here Sinclair. Weren’t you still on Earth three weeks ago?” Admiral Tift handed her bag over to Daniel.

“Yes we were. Now we are here.” John bowed slightly, gesturing her towards the elevator.

“Are you trying to bid for a route to this sector from Earth?”

John reached over and touched the panel on the elevator. “Perhaps Admiral. At the moment there are more important things on our plate.” He flashed a childish smile. “I never got to give a lovely lady like yourself a drink for your help in the bid for the Constellation.” The elevator stopped at the bridge. “Daniel, please escort Admiral Tift to my study.”

Daniel nodded and carried the bags to the other elevator across the bridge. In her presence the other half breeds stopped in the middle of their work and stood in attention for the Admiral as she passed. “This is much better reception than on the Dayflower.” She glanced at the weapons strapped on the persons of the half-breeds. “And better armed for that matter.”

Daniel stepped on the second elevator and programmed it to the study. “Captain Sinclair has issued an order for all of us and Alexandrea strictly enforces it. Any of us caught without an arm during their waking hours will be facing her wrath. As for your reception it comes from our backgrounds where anything less will come with a severe penalty.”

The doors slid closed. “Seems like I should slide a few humans onto this crew to be taught some manners.”

Daniel sighed. “Permission to speak freely?”

“Of course.”

“If a human was treated with half of the torment that most of us had to go through, most would not be well adjusted.” The doors reopened and he placed the bags near the elevator door.

“That may be true.” She said finally after settling onto the couch in the room. “But some may learn respect and orders.” She paused thinking. “See if Sinclair has a wine on this little tub of his.”

Daniel pulled his ears back and closed his eyes. Learn respect? What respect do you have? “Yes sir.”

Meanwhile John leaned over his communications officer. “That is too close for comfort.”

“Dayflower wouldn’t detach any sooner.” Alexandrea complained. “I’m still trying to get away from her but she keeps dogging me. I can’t get my main drive online until she is out of my way.”

“According to Outpost Ten those Dekedai hounds are on our tails.” The communications officer tapped the screen.

John tapped on a calculator with another Sinclair looking over his shoulder. He finally looked up like he was considering for a moment, then nodded. “Alright it’s risky but we have to get away from the Dayflower.” He pointed at the screen. “We are in danger of being caught here while this stupid escort is hanging around us. Drop from the plain that we are at and break free of the escort. Once we are free we can burn hot and hard for Outpost Seven, Eight if we can’t make it. We can get back on this plain once we get free of our escort.”

“We could do that but it will take our thrusters some time to break free of this plain. Will the new engines make it in time and take the strain?” The tall Sinclair looked down overtop John.

John looked up and smiled. “I hired you and your crew to look after those engines. If the drones can’t keep up then you and your men pick up the slack.”

“Yes Captain.” The Sinclair straightened up.

“On that last note, I don’t want Admiral Tift to know how close the Dekedai are to us. I have the feeling that she knows that they are near but I don’t want her to know that they are in fact nipping at our heels or that we are still currently half staffed. With this bunny hop such things are better left unknown.”

“Yes Sir!” Sounded the chorus of voices.

“I’m going to relieve Daniel. Please fill him in whenever you can, but you know what to do.” He nodded and squeezed out of the group of people wishing he could get out of the heavy coat.

He went down the elevator and found a laughing Admiral with a not so pleased looking Daniel pouring another glass of wine. “I’m pleased to see you are enjoying yourself Admiral.” He pulled up a padded seat and settled himself down.

“You should have some of this wine Johnathan, it is fantastic.” She took a long drink from the goblet.

John took the bottle from Daniel and scanned the label. “I would love to but I am on duty.”

She looked at the empty glass forlornly. “When did you become such a hard ass John? You have drunk me under the table so many times at the academy; I don’t think you can feel the alcohol in your system.” She looked at the empty glass forlornly.

John smiled and refilled her glass. “It just means that there is more for you Admiral.”

“You two seem to have known each other for a long time.” Daniel commented casually.

John rolled his eyes as he pulled the cork out of a new bottle. “Oh goodness yes! If John was human he wouldn’t be just a captain, but a fleet admiral!” The Admiral smiled drunkenly

“I doubt that I would be that capable Admiral.” John placed the bottle on the bar to breathe.

She smiled like a devil. “I know what you are capable of John. If you weren’t as capable as you are you wouldn’t be standing here today, as well as many of my colleges.”

Daniel looked at John with a question on his face but the young man was retreating into himself, the blue eyes looked out to the world with a burning hatred. “I…I’m going to go check on things topside.” He left in a rush.

“Did I bring something up that I shouldn’t have?” Admiral Tift giggled. “You should be proud of your accomplishments.”

“Would you be proud of doing what I had to do?” John frowned.

“Perhaps not, but I try to get as far from the Dekedai as possible, you on the other hand always play dangerously. Makes me wonder why you and I are together on this ride.”

John smiled brightening up his face “I need the funds to pad my pocket Admiral, nothing more. Well, perhaps to have a beautiful lady admiral pass out on my couch to make the boys jealous.”

The Admiral yawned, “I’m willing to comply with that as long as you wake me in time for Outpost Seven.”

“Of course Admiral.” John smiled as he took the glass from her. “One short nap and we’ll be there.”

The admiral laid down on the couch, her eyes closed before her head landed on the soft padded arm of the couch. John turned away his features twisted to dark hatred. Stupid drunkard of a woman! However she got to be an Admiral I will never contemplate.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Sinclair Chapter 18

John woke with a start, eyes unfocused. He stared up at the ceiling for a long time. “I was about to leave for the day you know.” He turned and saw a single tear McGee sitting off to the side of the room, reading a folded newspaper on a folding table and eating a pudding. “You have the luck of them all. When we arrived not one of the doctors would give you a chance of surviving the night, and here it is a week later. How do you feel John?”

At the mention of his name, John’s mind seemed to reboot and a flood of memories hit him in a wave. “Where am I?” He asked as he sat up and put a hand to his forehead against the oncoming headache.

“We are at dock thirty-eight at Outpost seven in the hospital wing. Something happened in the wormhole that attacked your lungs and heart. Do you remember anything?” Daniel leaned forwards putting his elbows on his knees.

A flash of the character that introduced himself as Jashi flashed in John’s head. Was that a dream? He pulled his ears back and looked away. “I’m sorry, not a thing. Some other things are fuzzy as well.”

Daniel stood and patted John’s knee. “If you keep healing like you are you will be released to duty in a weeks’ time. Alexandrea will make sure that you will be caught up on the changes that have occurred since you’ve been injured.”


“I’m sorry to say but there have been some changes to the roster. I’ve sold Andy, due to some conflicts of personality, but he has been replaced rest assured. Also we’ve been trying to fill in the ranks of the skeleton crew that we left Earth with, as well as refilling our supplies as much as we can in an outpost.”

“Don’t overspend the budget with supplies. Gather half breeds here if you wish but I do not want to be over supplied here.”

Daniel bowed. “As you wish, Captain. I will take my leave and let you rest now.” He took his coat and left the room.

John sighed and lay back down on the bed. Slowly he closed his eyes and the world went black. He opened his eyes again and found himself back in the strange room with the creature named Jashi. John stood in the darkness while Jashi was in the light. Strange bubbles floated overhead. One floated close to John and he touched it. For a moment nothing happened then the memory of the death of his father, fresh as if it just happened, brought him to his knees. The bubble then floated away as John knelt on the ground crying.

“It is interesting how those memory bubbles work. I’ve captured a few of them that belong to you but from the amount that you have, you must have a long life magic user.” Jashi looked from the bubbles to John. “I should know, my people had long lives.”

“Why are you here?”

“Why is anybody anywhere?” Jashi asked as the light faded into darkness.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Sinclair Chapter 17

Pain, hot and raw hit John. “Alexandrea we have to keep him in a coma.”

“I no longer have anything else to give him.”

“He’s starting to bleed heavily again. Are you sure we don’t have a suitable donor on board?” John shifted, but in doing so began to choke. He opened his mouth gasping, trying for air.

“Keep his airway clear Daniel.”

“How much further?”

“Not much longer. I think.”

“You think? If he wakes in pain he’ll move. If he moves he may tear what little clotting that has happened.”

“I know. We already almost lost him a few times.” John started to open his eyes. Shadows hovered above him.

“Shit, he’s waking up.” Daniel came into focus.

“John you’ve been injured.” Alexandrea appeared in his field of vision. John moaned heavily trying to move. Daniel slammed John’s shoulder onto the table. John closed his eyes and sneered against the pain. Alexandrea slapped Daniels hand. “Don’t you think he’s already in enough pain?”

“If he gets up and bleeds out I don’t want that on my head.” He said calmly. Leaning over John he began to speak. “We made it out of the worm hole. So far you were the only crew member that was affected by the passage. We are on our way to outpost seven. We should be there any moment. Hang on and don’t move around.”

John relaxed on the examination table his breaths coming sporadically. Alexandrea fazed “Daniel we are arriving at Outpost seven and is ready for docking. Medical staff has been contacted and is standing by.”

“Very good. We’ll dock and get John to them. As soon as possible I want a staff meeting.” Daniel patted John’s shoulder. Well John in one trip you proved your point, now what?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sinclair Chapter 16

John walked in darkness. Where am I? he thought. He looked around and spotted a pillar of light and within that light was a chair and a crate. Running to the pillar he sighed seeing no one there. With a curiosity he ran his fingers over the chest that was fashioned like an old fashioned pirate’s chest, complete with an old fashioned pad lock. Kneeling before it he tried the lock, finding it fastened tight.

“What are you doing here?” A voice came from the darkness. John peered over his shoulder to see a tall pale figure step from the shadows. John was fascinated by the man at once for he had never seen such a figure like him before. His figure was like that of a thin human but his ears were long and pointed with a gold hoop hanging from each lobe. His brown eyes were bright and well lashed. He wore a long sleeved shirt with balloon pants with a sash tying them together around his chest. He also wore a set of shoulder pads with a long cloth hanging from under them. He frowned and asked once more “I asked what you are doing here?”

John was taken aback, unsure how to answer the man’s question, “I am here because I am here.”

The man was surprised. “You shouldn’t be existing here.”

“And where is here?”

“You should be dead. Not here.” He looked at John a shadow crossing over his eyes. “I did enough damage to your body that you should be dead.” John flinched back, slipping out of the light of the circle.

John snarled the darkness giving him an air of danger. Even so the man stepped forwards to the edge of the pillar of light. “What are you?” John said through bared fangs.

The man stood tall. “I am an elf. Jashi Zarconifi of the old race.”

John tilted his head in confusion. “This has to be a dream. There’s no such thing as an elf. I have to wake up, I have a ship to run.” He turned and began to walk into the darkness.

Jashi ran towards John but once he hit the end of the pillar of light he was hit with lightning. “What? A barrier?” Outside John was fading into the darkness. “Wait!” Jashi cried, “If you’re going to leave remember one thing; if you do wake, make sure the ship never enters the black hole without you!”

With a snort John walked away, into the darkness.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sinclair Chapter 15

“Captain are you awake?” Andy rapped on the door. “Captain!” He banged on the door with a closed fist.

Inside John rolled off the couch and made it to the door as more bangs were made. Opening the door he peered out. “What do you want?”

Andy paused for a moment. “You look like hell sir.” In fact he did, eyes still closed in half-sleep, hair sticking up at angles, clothes slept-in. “Anyways we are within twenty minutes before stream merge.”

John nodded and closed the door on Andy and went back to his couch and flopped down. “Meddlesome people interfering on my poor naps.” He yawned and finally opened his eyes. “Shoot.”

Up on the command deck Daniel began to pace. “Sir the calculations were flawed.” Alexandrea worried. “We are almost at the barrier.”

Daniel stopped for a moment. “I sent Andy to get him. If he has a bumpy ride below then so be it. Stop worrying so much.”

“I’m not worrying!” Cried Alexandrea. “He was wanting to be here to witness this.”

Daniel shrugged as the door opened and Andy stepped out on deck. “Where is John?”

Andy snarled, “I don’t know. That punk kid closed the door on my face.”

Daniel raised an eyebrow as he stepped forward, “That punk kid is your captain and should be respected as such.”

“Yeah right, that kid has no experience! How did some pup become a captain?” Andy and Daniel stood nose to nose. “He isn’t any better than some human!” With those words he pitched forwards as Daniel punched him in the gut.

As he fell into the second in command he heard these words whispered into his ear, “John is better than you know, older than you think and may be your only chance in getting out of this alive.” He shoved Andy onto the floor as John stepped off the elevator.

“Problems?” John looked over to Andy laying on the ground trying to recover his breath.

“Cramps sir. He must be worried about the upcoming turbulence.” Daniel straightened slightly as John eyed him and shook his head.

He walked down the ramp when the first wave rocked him off his feet. “All hands brace!” He barked as another wave hit and the ship listed, knocking everyone, save Alexandrea, off their feet, just to pitch them forwards as the ship rolled. John snarled as he slammed into the steel wall and scrambled to his feet, holding onto the wall as the ship rolled again. He pitched backwards and the ship settled into a dead zone. “Well that wasn’t horrible. That was it, right?” He looked up to Alexandrea as he rubbed the back of his head.

“Correct.” Alexandrea’s eyes went dead. “It wouldn’t be soon now.”

John looked out to the starless night, then back to the two men that were on the upper tier of the concord, “well tally ho off we go! Fire thrusters.” He turned back and stared out to the icky black.

Above on the platform Alexandrea began to shake then broke down, “Please Sir let me stop! I don’t want to go!”

John didn’t turn. “Keep going, you can’t turn around even if you wanted to. Everything will be okay. There’s nothing out there.” Suddenly all around him was white for a flash and he collapsed, holding his chest, onto the floor. The others surrounded him, calling his name, but they faded away into the background. The pain came then, crushing and relentless. He opened his mouth to scream but drowned on the blood. Pulling his hand away from his chest he noticed it was covered in blood so was his shirt. He closed his eyes against the sight and his mind separated away from the brutality that his body was enduring.

“Is this like the others went through?” Daniel yelled at Alexandrea

“No this is far worse!” She cried and fazed.

“Alexandrea you have to stay with us.” Daniel ordered as he pulled John up the shoulders, ignoring that his shoes were being covered in blood. “John?” He turned John over to face him and gasped. John stared back up with deadened eyes, but tears ran down his cheeks. The pale face began to have solid, dark lines spread across and up it. His shirt and coat was coated in blood. “Alexandrea where is the nearest infirmary?”

“I’ll lead you to it.” She said.

“Andy you handle things up here.” He picked up John in his arms and went to the elevator. The elevator sped it’s way to it’s destination and the doors opened and Alexandrea was waiting in another room for him. He gently laid John down on the table but as soon as he was on the table John spasmed and cried out, threatening to pitch him from the table. Daniel grabbed and held him down as Alexandrea tore the coat and shirt sleeve to get at his arm, with no gentility she stabbed his arm and injected a syringe full of liquid. Slowly his body relaxed and the two sighed in relief. Alexandrea got a cloth and began to wash John’s face “What do we do now?”

Daniel’s eyes darted in thought. “We have to make to Outpost seven quickly. Past that, keep John comfortable and hope this doesn’t spread to others.”

Alexandrea unbuttoned John’s shirt. “I’ll try my best to keep him comfortable but…” she stopped, “Daniel look at this.” She began to clean John’s chest and found an odd shaped wound. “It’s almost like someone tore off his skin, and it’s still bleeding.”

“Get some fluids in him. With the amount of blood he lost already he should need a transfusion. Pull his blood type and see if any of the crew match, if he has another episode like on the control deck, he might not make it though.” Alexandrea nodded. “Meanwhile I want to be up in control. Can your mainframe handle you being at two places at once?”

“Yes sir.” Alexandrea bowed her head.

“Thank you Alexandrea. We are running fairly short on people, if anyone else falls I’m not sure what to do. Call me if there is any change in his condition.”

“Don’t worry Daniel. The course is already plotted. All you guys have to do is enjoy the ride.” Daniel nodded and left the room. Alexandrea turned to John, “Hopefully you’re not in too much pain sir.”

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Sinclair Chapter 14.

John walked side by side with his second in command, Daniel. Over the last few days the two of them had smoothed out many of their differences. "Sir what are you hoping to prove with this course? Already many crews of men have died with this heading."

"It is simple. Many MEN have died. Yet all the hybrids on the ships have died of starvation or suffocation when the ships were powered down." John sighed, "This is the last try."

He was about to say more when Alexandrea popped out of nowhere wearing the same blue suits the hybrids were wearing. "Sorry to interrupt you but we are at the mouth of the passage."

"Thank you Alex. Take it in, we'll be up in a few minutes." John smiled and the girl nodded before disappearing once more.

Daniel gave a short puff of air. "I don't think I'll ever be used to her showing up on a whim like that." He pressed a button and stepped on the elevator, "But she is cute in that uniform. She is also a lot brighter and friendlier, how did you do it?"

John cracked a sly smile. "A friend once told me women mostly want three things, respect, privacy and fashion. With this crew she gets her own time scheduled off line, so she gets to do what she wants. She has her own room and I had new outfits created for her programming. The least she can do is be civil."

"Treating a computer like it is human. It's a revolutionary idea."

"They say the same about us as well." John nodded to Daniel. "In some places, some ships, we are treated worse than slaves."

Daniel nodded, "I can believe that sir. I can only hope that this mission is a success."

John looked over and waved off Daniel's words. "Now Daniel, no matter what you will never go back under a human command."


John laughed as only a child could, "You will either die on this ship on this mission or die on this ship. Period.”

The doors opened and John strode out onto the control deck. Alexandrea paused paused her conversation with a Sinclair hybrid and came to John. “We passed the last warning gate. From here the passage narrows.” They walked across the top level to the system access and she pulled up a star map. “Soon we will get to a place of essential no return. I am too fat to turn around without severe damage.”

The other Sinclair piped up, “Alexandrea common now, we could make you lose some inches, just gotta exercise more!”

She sighed rolling her eyes. “This is also a slipstreamed black hole that has four or five branches off. If we remain on the main branch we will exit near outpost seven three weeks sooner than if we took the regular routes on fastest speed. However I have rode a few other branches and they are almost out of charted range, others are close to Alliance planets and other outposts. The only thing that we have to remember is that once we enter a slipstream we can’t pull out or we will be thrown who knows where or torn apart.” She pressed a button and the screen flipped showing the branches of the slipstream in a silver glowing line. “these paths are marked I have taken, the other broken paths are ones that my scanners have picked up but they are unverified where they exit but the drones have verified that they exit in safe zones, not stars or black holes. I would like to point out that all the above intersect at the narrows, where we hit the turbulence then the dead zone, in more than one meaning.” She looked saddened for a moment. John put a hand on her shoulder. She nodded and continued. “This is the only time my main thrusters have to be used. My main engines will have too much thrust and tear us apart.”

“Alright then Alexandrea, it sounds like a bumpy ride so I want an all system check and hardware scan for loose wiring, pieces, and etcetera. Daniel I want you to go to the engines and give the engineer on duty a related watered down version of what we heard and I want the repair drones ready in case. Andy I want the schedules skewed slightly and calculations made. I want everyone up and prepared for the worst when we hit the interception point. Also gather data on the other streams that had been found and keep an eye out for others that had formed since the constellation had passed last. I want to know if we can send people through those streams outside the main ship or if it will need a scout licence.”

The three other people nodded and Daniel left on the elevator. Andy was about to leave through the door to the main ship when he paused, “You okay by yourself up here sir?”

“I should be. If not I still have Alex here and Daniel wouldn’t be long. Take a break if you need it.”

“Thank you, sir.” He smiled, “I will send you those reports and schedules as soon as possible.” He disappeared off the bridge.

John turned back to the computer terminal that he was working at and smiled, “I think I chose a good crew.”

“Too bad that they all might perish on this trip.” Alexandrea’s eyes were unfocused on her scan.

John shook his head, “We all die sometime. Even you might.” Alexandrea turned angry at his words and turned her back to him. He was surprised and frowned and continued his work. “Maybe in the end I will be right and you’ll have too much to do to think about such negative things.” He smiled as he worked.

She peeked over her shoulder. “The last few days weren’t,” she paused and sighed, “horrible. And you, were… Are, better than I could ever expect.”

John paused and looked over to the girl. “That is very generous of you to say.” He pressed a few more buttons and continued, “But you are everything I had imagined you to be when I first read about you.”

She laughed. “Yeah you must have a good imagination about rouge computers.”

John stared at her with piercing blue eyes, “No. I knew about you before you even knew yourself. Before you came into creation.”

“Don’t be silly Captain! I’m over fifty years old. I was created before your father was born.”

John smiled once more, in a sad way, “Alexandrea if anything happens to me read the tattoo on my neck. Keep the information to yourself.”

Alexandrea turn to John for a moment. “As it is your wish, Captain.” She then turned back to her work. John watched her for a few more moments before returning to his own work. Why can’t I tell her how I feel about this ship? He slammed his fist into a panel. It’s only a program. Not real! “Is everything okay John?”

“Yes, of course Alexandrea. Just something kinda frustrating.” He looked away from her.

She sighed, “Fine but don’t take it out on the panels. I can’t fix those out here.”

John put his ears back as his ears flushed. “Sorry.”