Sunday, August 26, 2012

Something to look forwards to....

Okay after a hiadis and a failed attempt to make a comic, since my mentality crashed after doing a custom comic that was only 24 panels, I have decided that I will stick to writing with the occassional drawing thrown in.  I am now looking for the original book that I wrote this portion of Sinclair in and hope to begin to reconstruct the world from it.  This is still a very rough draft and therefore probably will look totally different if a publisher wanted it.  I must admit that a lot of what I write plays out like a movie in my mind and I can't keep up with the action that happes, forget the minor details like what the character actually looks like, scenes and actually in truth, the continuity of the storyline.  Considering right now I am currently working on the second book of Twin Earth (which the first book has had a major change in the first half of it and probably will have a total rewrite in the second half) that may not even match up with the first book as well as a total of two different times in John's life has made my skin itch. 

However I have some goodies to throw up as soon as I figure out how on the new blogger system and get my scanner to play friendly.  I have two new drawings of John and Jashi that is almost guarnteed to impress, as well as some awesome commissions of John done by some very talented artists!

For now I bid you all adieu and hope to get back to this in due time.  Thanks for your patience.

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