Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Prologue of Twin Earth!

Every beginning has an end and every end has a beginning. The cycle of creation demands this to occur, but some beginnings start out small. Like waves in a pond each created by a source and spreading outwards until it affects the whole body of water, no matter how large. A small ripple was created in a small village with many small farms splattered across the landscape. Summers were often short and hot and the winters long and hard. The people of the village were happy to have such weather, for it made them appreciate every moment that they have in a certain season. This also made them undesirable to be concurred and the relative wealth of the country grew due to this silence on the war front. For the most part the people were farmers with no interest in arms past a simple knife or a bow and arrow to hunt the game that ran freely in through the woods that spread before them. It was a simple time and the people worked hard, however even when they worked hard the weather would sometimes dictated who lived or died.

It was during an extremely harsh winter that a young woman named Elsa was in her home stoking a small fire. Her husband, Halam, had gone out to the woods to hunt. Meanwhile Elsa kept herself busy within the house, occasionally stopping to stir the stew that was in a black pot that hung over the fire. Her stomach was distended with pregnancy and it made it difficult to do even the simplest of tasks but she was happy. Her life had been good so far with a loving and doting husband, a fine home and a child on the way, there was nothing more she could ask for.

A knock came from the door and she rushed towards it, thinking her husband came home at long last. When she opened it there was a stranger waiting on the other side. “I beg of you let me warm up. Afterwards I will be on my way.” The woman spoke, her voice cracking.

In hindsight Elsa should have realized that her husband wouldn’t knock at the door of his own home. Else stared at the woman, thinking, trying to find an excuse for not letting her inside but in the end she opened the door wider to let the woman inside. She was not one for letting strangers into her home but found it hard to turn down the old woman. She seemed familiar to her in some way. The old woman made her way inside and Elsa closed the door. “I don’t have much but I do have hot water.”

The old woman flipped back the hood of her travelling cloak and revealed a woman who was in her late forties with brilliant red hair that was streaked in both blonde and white. Her features were lined but by no means a haggard old maid that her voice dictated her to be. She didn’t say another word but stared at Elsa with a small smile on her face. Elsa thought it rude to let the guest go without a drink so she got a pair of small clay cups and poured some water from the kettle into it. The woman took it gratefully and sipped, holding it with both hands. Elsa had no idea how this was going to be so comfortable, just the two of them sitting in the same room. She had never felt this comfortable with another person, save her husband, before this. Usually having a long silence between two people is very awkward but with this woman there was no need to talk.

She was pondering this when a sudden pain ripped through her stomach, causing her to drop her cup. It shattered on the floor in large pieces. As quickly as the pain came it disappeared. She pondered this, not letting on what just happened but the woman was staring at her with a strange look on her face. This was the first time that she noticed that her eyes were the same as her husband’s. She was in the process of thinking this over when another pain hit, this time she was dropped towards the floor. The woman was by her side, catching her arm before she hit the floor. “It’s time for them isn’t it?” The woman asked in an accent that was familiar but at the same time not so much so.

Suddenly fearful as another wave of pain ripped through her subconscious mind, she wasn’t sure if it was the fear talking or something else completely but she had to ask. “Who are you?”

The woman stared back her with blue eyes with strange melding of green within. Eyes that seemed deep and endless, eyes that have seen more than what Elsa could imagine. “I am someone who is safe.” The woman responded and began to repeat those words. As Elsa listened to her words and stared into her eyes her body only gave a surge of resistance before her mind surrendered and her mind was lost. Neither pain nor words reached her now, her body only reacted in instinct now.

The woman looked down on Elsa and sighed. She guessed that she pushed her mind too far but prayed that it wasn’t too far for her to recover from. There was so much to do with so much guesswork involved. It didn’t matter at this moment. They were coming into the world and she had to make her choice. It shouldn’t be time yet but it was just chance that she was around the right area at the right time. She tilted her head. This woman was too much like her own mother, but that memory was hard to pull out of her mind. Too much time has passed, too much time. She sighed. It would end now. She would be stronger than the one that came before her, and the one before that. She could only guess how many were, where it all started, but she knew that it had to end. She withdrew a silver dagger from under her cloak, and stood before Elsa, a woman so much like her own mother it hurt.

As the pain of childbirth raked through Elsa the woman chewed on her lower lip. She tightened the grip, saying a few words that no one but herself understood and drove the dagger down.

She was just as weak as the rest of them. She couldn’t do it. She buried her head into her hands and screamed. She screamed in frustration and of the knowledge of what was to come.

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