Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Sinclair Chapter 18

John woke with a start, eyes unfocused. He stared up at the ceiling for a long time. “I was about to leave for the day you know.” He turned and saw a single tear McGee sitting off to the side of the room, reading a folded newspaper on a folding table and eating a pudding. “You have the luck of them all. When we arrived not one of the doctors would give you a chance of surviving the night, and here it is a week later. How do you feel John?”

At the mention of his name, John’s mind seemed to reboot and a flood of memories hit him in a wave. “Where am I?” He asked as he sat up and put a hand to his forehead against the oncoming headache.

“We are at dock thirty-eight at Outpost seven in the hospital wing. Something happened in the wormhole that attacked your lungs and heart. Do you remember anything?” Daniel leaned forwards putting his elbows on his knees.

A flash of the character that introduced himself as Jashi flashed in John’s head. Was that a dream? He pulled his ears back and looked away. “I’m sorry, not a thing. Some other things are fuzzy as well.”

Daniel stood and patted John’s knee. “If you keep healing like you are you will be released to duty in a weeks’ time. Alexandrea will make sure that you will be caught up on the changes that have occurred since you’ve been injured.”


“I’m sorry to say but there have been some changes to the roster. I’ve sold Andy, due to some conflicts of personality, but he has been replaced rest assured. Also we’ve been trying to fill in the ranks of the skeleton crew that we left Earth with, as well as refilling our supplies as much as we can in an outpost.”

“Don’t overspend the budget with supplies. Gather half breeds here if you wish but I do not want to be over supplied here.”

Daniel bowed. “As you wish, Captain. I will take my leave and let you rest now.” He took his coat and left the room.

John sighed and lay back down on the bed. Slowly he closed his eyes and the world went black. He opened his eyes again and found himself back in the strange room with the creature named Jashi. John stood in the darkness while Jashi was in the light. Strange bubbles floated overhead. One floated close to John and he touched it. For a moment nothing happened then the memory of the death of his father, fresh as if it just happened, brought him to his knees. The bubble then floated away as John knelt on the ground crying.

“It is interesting how those memory bubbles work. I’ve captured a few of them that belong to you but from the amount that you have, you must have a long life magic user.” Jashi looked from the bubbles to John. “I should know, my people had long lives.”

“Why are you here?”

“Why is anybody anywhere?” Jashi asked as the light faded into darkness.

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