Monday, April 06, 2009

Sinclair Chapter 17

Pain, hot and raw hit John. “Alexandrea we have to keep him in a coma.”

“I no longer have anything else to give him.”

“He’s starting to bleed heavily again. Are you sure we don’t have a suitable donor on board?” John shifted, but in doing so began to choke. He opened his mouth gasping, trying for air.

“Keep his airway clear Daniel.”

“How much further?”

“Not much longer. I think.”

“You think? If he wakes in pain he’ll move. If he moves he may tear what little clotting that has happened.”

“I know. We already almost lost him a few times.” John started to open his eyes. Shadows hovered above him.

“Shit, he’s waking up.” Daniel came into focus.

“John you’ve been injured.” Alexandrea appeared in his field of vision. John moaned heavily trying to move. Daniel slammed John’s shoulder onto the table. John closed his eyes and sneered against the pain. Alexandrea slapped Daniels hand. “Don’t you think he’s already in enough pain?”

“If he gets up and bleeds out I don’t want that on my head.” He said calmly. Leaning over John he began to speak. “We made it out of the worm hole. So far you were the only crew member that was affected by the passage. We are on our way to outpost seven. We should be there any moment. Hang on and don’t move around.”

John relaxed on the examination table his breaths coming sporadically. Alexandrea fazed “Daniel we are arriving at Outpost seven and is ready for docking. Medical staff has been contacted and is standing by.”

“Very good. We’ll dock and get John to them. As soon as possible I want a staff meeting.” Daniel patted John’s shoulder. Well John in one trip you proved your point, now what?

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