Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sinclair Chapter 15

“Captain are you awake?” Andy rapped on the door. “Captain!” He banged on the door with a closed fist.

Inside John rolled off the couch and made it to the door as more bangs were made. Opening the door he peered out. “What do you want?”

Andy paused for a moment. “You look like hell sir.” In fact he did, eyes still closed in half-sleep, hair sticking up at angles, clothes slept-in. “Anyways we are within twenty minutes before stream merge.”

John nodded and closed the door on Andy and went back to his couch and flopped down. “Meddlesome people interfering on my poor naps.” He yawned and finally opened his eyes. “Shoot.”

Up on the command deck Daniel began to pace. “Sir the calculations were flawed.” Alexandrea worried. “We are almost at the barrier.”

Daniel stopped for a moment. “I sent Andy to get him. If he has a bumpy ride below then so be it. Stop worrying so much.”

“I’m not worrying!” Cried Alexandrea. “He was wanting to be here to witness this.”

Daniel shrugged as the door opened and Andy stepped out on deck. “Where is John?”

Andy snarled, “I don’t know. That punk kid closed the door on my face.”

Daniel raised an eyebrow as he stepped forward, “That punk kid is your captain and should be respected as such.”

“Yeah right, that kid has no experience! How did some pup become a captain?” Andy and Daniel stood nose to nose. “He isn’t any better than some human!” With those words he pitched forwards as Daniel punched him in the gut.

As he fell into the second in command he heard these words whispered into his ear, “John is better than you know, older than you think and may be your only chance in getting out of this alive.” He shoved Andy onto the floor as John stepped off the elevator.

“Problems?” John looked over to Andy laying on the ground trying to recover his breath.

“Cramps sir. He must be worried about the upcoming turbulence.” Daniel straightened slightly as John eyed him and shook his head.

He walked down the ramp when the first wave rocked him off his feet. “All hands brace!” He barked as another wave hit and the ship listed, knocking everyone, save Alexandrea, off their feet, just to pitch them forwards as the ship rolled. John snarled as he slammed into the steel wall and scrambled to his feet, holding onto the wall as the ship rolled again. He pitched backwards and the ship settled into a dead zone. “Well that wasn’t horrible. That was it, right?” He looked up to Alexandrea as he rubbed the back of his head.

“Correct.” Alexandrea’s eyes went dead. “It wouldn’t be soon now.”

John looked out to the starless night, then back to the two men that were on the upper tier of the concord, “well tally ho off we go! Fire thrusters.” He turned back and stared out to the icky black.

Above on the platform Alexandrea began to shake then broke down, “Please Sir let me stop! I don’t want to go!”

John didn’t turn. “Keep going, you can’t turn around even if you wanted to. Everything will be okay. There’s nothing out there.” Suddenly all around him was white for a flash and he collapsed, holding his chest, onto the floor. The others surrounded him, calling his name, but they faded away into the background. The pain came then, crushing and relentless. He opened his mouth to scream but drowned on the blood. Pulling his hand away from his chest he noticed it was covered in blood so was his shirt. He closed his eyes against the sight and his mind separated away from the brutality that his body was enduring.

“Is this like the others went through?” Daniel yelled at Alexandrea

“No this is far worse!” She cried and fazed.

“Alexandrea you have to stay with us.” Daniel ordered as he pulled John up the shoulders, ignoring that his shoes were being covered in blood. “John?” He turned John over to face him and gasped. John stared back up with deadened eyes, but tears ran down his cheeks. The pale face began to have solid, dark lines spread across and up it. His shirt and coat was coated in blood. “Alexandrea where is the nearest infirmary?”

“I’ll lead you to it.” She said.

“Andy you handle things up here.” He picked up John in his arms and went to the elevator. The elevator sped it’s way to it’s destination and the doors opened and Alexandrea was waiting in another room for him. He gently laid John down on the table but as soon as he was on the table John spasmed and cried out, threatening to pitch him from the table. Daniel grabbed and held him down as Alexandrea tore the coat and shirt sleeve to get at his arm, with no gentility she stabbed his arm and injected a syringe full of liquid. Slowly his body relaxed and the two sighed in relief. Alexandrea got a cloth and began to wash John’s face “What do we do now?”

Daniel’s eyes darted in thought. “We have to make to Outpost seven quickly. Past that, keep John comfortable and hope this doesn’t spread to others.”

Alexandrea unbuttoned John’s shirt. “I’ll try my best to keep him comfortable but…” she stopped, “Daniel look at this.” She began to clean John’s chest and found an odd shaped wound. “It’s almost like someone tore off his skin, and it’s still bleeding.”

“Get some fluids in him. With the amount of blood he lost already he should need a transfusion. Pull his blood type and see if any of the crew match, if he has another episode like on the control deck, he might not make it though.” Alexandrea nodded. “Meanwhile I want to be up in control. Can your mainframe handle you being at two places at once?”

“Yes sir.” Alexandrea bowed her head.

“Thank you Alexandrea. We are running fairly short on people, if anyone else falls I’m not sure what to do. Call me if there is any change in his condition.”

“Don’t worry Daniel. The course is already plotted. All you guys have to do is enjoy the ride.” Daniel nodded and left the room. Alexandrea turned to John, “Hopefully you’re not in too much pain sir.”

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